Mooer Little Tank Amp Modeling Head


LITTLE TANK D-15 is a 15-Watt portable guitar head which packs an impressive arsenal of features. Crammed inside of it’s all metal shell you will find a full guitar rig. A versatile selection of digital preamp models, modulation/delay/reverb effects, speaker cab simulation, a built-in tuner and a D class 15-Watt power amp to drive your speaker cabinet. An ideal “all in one” solution for the guitarist on the go.

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*25 high quality digital amp models

* 20 cabinet models

* 10 modulation effects

* 5 different Delay types

*6 different Reverb types

*4 quick recall buttons to instantly recall your favourite presets

*Serial effects loop for perfect integration with effect pedals

* Aux in and Bluetooth capabilities for audio playback from an external device

* 15-Watt D class power amp

* Dedicated controls for BASS, MID, TREBLE, GAIN and MASTER VOLUME

* 99 programmable presets

* Built-in guitar tuner

No. of Effect Modules: 5 modules
No. of Effect Types: 65 Effect types
Preset Patch Memory: 40 patches
Input Jack: 1/4” mono audio jack
Speaker Out : 1/4” mono audio jack,connect over 4ohm speaker
Se n d /Return: 1/4 ”mono audio jack
Headphone out: 1/8” stereo audio jack
Power requirements: AC adapter 18V DC,1200 mA,
Watt: 15watt
Dimensions: 186 mm X 96.5 mm X 75.8 mm
Weight: 0.67 KG
Accessories: Owner’s Manual,18V DC Power Supply
Bluetooth: The connection code is ”0000”.

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