Ian MacFarlane

Ian Mcfarlane Piano teacher


Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Music Theory, Composition, Songwriting


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Available Days:

Monday, Friday



Lessons start any time regardless of school terms. To inquire about more teachers or other available times, please follow the “Register now ” button.


Ian MacFarlane is a qualified & experienced Piano Teacher on all levels of:

  1. Band and Orchestral  Arrangement.
  2. Musical Composition, and Song Writing both Lyrics and Music.
  3. Theory of Music.

The trombone is his second instrument at the QLD Conservatorium of Music and he was groomed for the second Tenor Trombone Chair in the QLD Symphony Orchestra. In fact, he has been a coach for both Trombone and Trumpet being repetiteur for the A.M E.B. Examinations for both these instruments.

Classically Trained & a working Musician for over 30 years. Musicianship, Song Writing, Composition, Harmony, & much more provided.

Ian is a member of the Musical Arrangers Guild of Australia (Writer/Full Member) and also a Writer Full Member of the Australasian Performing Rights Association. He was classically trained from the age of six years old and began teaching beginner students at the age of fifteen years as part of my curriculum.

Working with a wide variety of groups and orchestras gave me the experience and versatility that makes Ian the composite teacher that he is today.

Playing as a Piano-Bar Entertainer with the Cruise Ship Industry and also in many of the leading five-star hotels, including the Brisbane Hilton and Sheraton Hotels has also opened up another area of teaching and guidance which is invaluable.

Whether the student is six or ninety-six years old, music is meant to be both enjoyable and rewarding, and this is what you will enjoy working with him in the twenty-first century.