International School of Music

International School of Music


Music for Kids


Jitterbugs (2 years old), Beeboppers (3 year olds), Preeschooler (4 to 5 years old), School age (5 to 12 years old)

Available Days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


All music for kids

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The International School of Music (ISM) helps children to develop a love for music and the skills to perform it. Traditional music education doesn’t always suit the way children learn, so your child may struggle learning music the old-fashioned way.  We teach music as a language as this develops an understanding AND encourages a love of music in children.

What you hear you sing; what you sing you play; what you play you read; what you read you write.

Our music lessons suit toddlers and primary school children in the Northern Rivers area. The International School of Music has two locations: ISM Ballina at Resonator Music at the Ballina Homemaker Centre and ISM Alstonville at the Alstonville Plaza.

Courses are specifically designed for each age group from 2 years and from age 4 to 12, piano tuition is integrated into our course curriculum. We teach all musical styles and aim to develop the musician through diversity in our musicianship programs.

Our music classes are fun and effective. Students are grouped in small classes according to age and taught by talented and friendly teachers. After completion of the group courses, students may choose to continue their music education in individual lessons through our schools, studying for leisure or alternately working to reach the highest level of achievement through to advanced levels.

We are conveniently located with close parking, plenty of shops and cafes close by. Our air-conditioned teaching rooms are well-equipped with soft carpet, quality pianos and percussion instruments and a handy play area to keep the younger children entertained.