About us

RESONATOR MUSIC was born in 2020 followed by a family dream in having a music shop in Ballina, NSW Australia.

We are here to re-define the meaning of the shopping experience because we’re not only selling guitars and drums. RESONATOR MUSIC is much more than that. We are passionate about the music, dedicated to the community, and we are an innovation in the music field.

Make Music Day 2022

Resonator Music has the goal to create a music hub that caters to the "forgotten" musicians, the busy music teachers, the amateurs, the retirees, the professional musicians, and even the musicians with limited mobility. In the layout of our store, we have made sure accessibility is a priority providing wider walkways and wheelchair accessible classrooms.

As locals supporting locals, we want to allow the community to be part of what we do. And amazingly enough, our dream has come true.

Starting from scratch where the music scene didn't have space for expansion, Resonator Music got to get recognition in the community, creating, participating, supporting, and sponsoring:

  • Music competitions from local Primary schools.
  • Regional Music Clubs as Ballina Country Music Club, RSL Club in Ballina, Ballina and Lennox Head Ukulele Clubs, and Men Mental Health Association.
  • Regional Music Festivals as Ballina Idol, Country Fest, Cooly Rocks On in Queensland, and The Bangalow Music Festival.
  • International 7th Annual Teach Music Week, and Kids Music Day (Giving free lessons for a week, and promoting in the region)
  • And making part of Make Music Day  2021 creating the Battle of The Concert Bands, with the participation of Tweed Head, Ballina, and Lismore Concert Bands, nominated for the best Event of the year in the Australia Day Awards.
  • Make Music Day 2022 creating the biggest School Showcase of the Northern Rivers, with more than 7 schools participating, and nominated for the best Event of the year in the Australia Day Awards 2023.
  • Supporting and Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of the Ballina Shire Concert Band.



  • In 2021 Resonator Music was the WINNER in the Ballina Shire Business Awards for Best Retail and Personal Services Business, and our Manager Daniel Crandon was recognized as an Outstanding Business Leader.
  • In 2022 Resonator Music was Semi-Finalist for Ricoh Australia in the Customer Service Award.
  • In 2022 Resonator Music was finalist in the NSW Business Awards for Excellence in Business and Innovation.
  • In 2023 Resonator Music was the WINNER in the Ballina Chamber of Commerce - Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation.
  • In 2023 Michael Alvey was the WINNER in the NSW Business Awards for Outstanding Employee.


Inspiration and innovation.

To give a stress-free experience.

Respect, entrepreneurial spirit, passion, community, excellence

Resonator Music & Tuition offer the best music tutors on the Northern Rivers. All our tutors are professional accredited educators and well-recognized musicians. All of them with current Working With Children Check in Australia. Some of them only offer individual lessons, and others offer group sessions with a maximum of 3 students per lesson.

Music Lesson at Resonator Music

Our music lessons cover the following instruments:

  • Bajo
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Double Bass
  • Drums (Acoustic and Electric)
  • Electric Bass
  • Flute
  • Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Resonator, Slide guitar)
  • Harmonica
  • Music Theory
  • Mandolin
  • Percussion (djembe, bongos, congas, etc)
  • Piano & Keys
  • Production
  • Recorder
  • Saxophone
  • Trombone and Trumpet
  • Ukulele
  • Violin and Viola
  • Vocals / Singing


Resonator Music is partners with The International School of Music Ballina (ISM), which has its own organizational culture, principles, values, times and prices. ISM is managed by Mali Heflin. She is running the music classes for kids from 2 to 7 years old. ISM has its own equipment and teachers.

Resonator Music is provide special music services for people with special need through NDIS, DAISI (Ballina), and Music Therapy Specialist.

The NSW Government helps the kids to get creative with the new Creative Kids program. Resonator Music is part of this program, and we receive creative kids voucher for Music Lessons.

Hear more about tuition: https://www.resonatormusic.com/tuition


We offer an outstanding service to prep, primary, secondary schools, colleges, universities and tertiary institutions. Our professional team is ready to assist with any enquire, and they are ready to visit the institution at any time for any installation needed, system design, after sales support, instrument servicing, repairs, etc. We offer a personal experience for the teachers, school directors or any other person or team in charge of the musical instruments order.

Our catalogue include all the musical instruments required by the educational institution or teacher, which contain keyboards and pianos, wireless microphones, sheet music and books, drums and percussion, amplifiers, guitars and bass, orchestral, woodwind and brass, software and plugins, live sound and lighting, DJ and electronic.



We offer maintenance, repair, and modification service for all your musical instruments and equipment. Including guitars, basses, violins, cellos and other fretted instruments, Woodwinds, Brass, Amps, PA, Pianos, etc.

We receive repairs 7 days a week.



If you need to hire an instrument, we use Studio 19  (https://www.studio19.com.au/whyrent/) as our partner.

The minimum rental period is six months. Unless you have purchased the equipment, you are required to continue renting for six months. After that period, you are welcome to return the equipment. If you choose to return the equipment during the minimum rental period, you will need to pay the balance of the rental charges of the minimum rental period.

Payments are debited on a set date each month from your nominated bank account or credit card (Mastercard or Visa). If the date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payments will be debited on the next day.

Please call our shop for more information 02 66811576



Resonator Music & Tuition offers gift cards for sale in any denomination. Gift Vouchers are redeemable on any product(s) at Resonator Music including, musical instruments, Repairs and Music Lessons. You can redeem your gift card in-store or online.


  • Each voucher is valid for 6 months only.
  • Resonator Music vouchers are not redeemable for cash.
  • The full value of the voucher must be consumed. No charge will be given.
  • Use only one voucher per transaction.

Buy a gift voucher online now!



As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great.

For more information regarding the Active and Creative Vouchers program, visit  http://service.nsw.gov.au

The Program supports low-to-middle-income families with school-aged children by providing two $50 Vouchers per Eligible School-Aged Child per calendar year, one Voucher in Term 1 and one Voucher in Term 3



Resonator Music has 4 available music rooms for hire. The rooms are soundproof, and available Monday to Sunday during trading hours.

Do you need to know more? Contact us to [email protected]



The terms of our lay-by and deposits are three months only, meaning you have 3 months to pay in full the lay-by out from the day that it is taken out.

To start a lay-by or deposit we require 20% of the total price as a deposit. If regular payments (eg. weekly) are being made, then we can be a little flexible with more expensive items (This is at the discretion of Resonator Music).

The item remains the property of Resonator Music until the payments are completed. Items are stored securely and carefully while they are in our care.

Lay-by and deposits must be paid in full and collected by the finalisation date.

Payments may be made over the counter in the store, or Direct Deposit with a Layby Ref #.


Please note:

If the deposits are made for a back order, we are unable to guarantee delivery time frames as delivery remains out of our control once an item has been ordered. We have been advised that small additional delays may occur due coronavirus and supply chain outbreak.


Cancellations and Termination Fees

Due to the nature of a lay-by and deposit, there are costs associated and as a result we have a cancellation fee if lay-by's or deposits are taken out and then cancelled.

20% of the total purchase price is kept as a fee for cancelling. In a case where the total deposit amount is more than the cancellation fee, we keep the entire deposit but do not charge any additional fee's beyond that.

Failure to finalise the payment in full by due date will automatically cause termination of layby or deposit & incur non refundable restocking fee of 20% of all monies paid.



  • Item costs $1000
  • 20% Deposit is $200
  • Extra payment(s) $100
  • Cancellation fee is 20% ($200)
  • Refund is $100