Tuition Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Enrolment 2024



  • All enrolments must be submitted online via our website or in person with a Resonator Music & Tuition (RM) staff, at least 24 hours before the lesson.
  • An enrolment becomes valid, and lessons can commence upon payment and confirmation of lesson placement by Resonator Music & Tuition (RM) administration.
  • All active students will have access to the Parent Portal (App) once a registration fee is paid.
  • 24 hours before every lesson, the student/parent will receive via email a lesson reminder. The student/parent is responsible for following up on the email.
  • Enrolment is continuing for the whole calendar year.


Enrolment Fees

  • An enrolment fee of $45 is payable on the initial registration per family. This fee is credited for the first lesson as a Casual Lesson or Rebel Package, but is no-refundable for the Rock Star Membership.
  • Tuition payments can be made by cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card or Debit Card. A 1.5% charge applies to all transactions made with credit cards in-store.
  • When enrolling online with the Rebel Package option, the new invoice will automatically prorate the tuition fees if the enrollment happens after the school term has started.
  • A 30-minute lesson fee is $45.
  • A 1-hour lesson fee is $67.



Casual Lessons.

  • This option is designed for new students who only book 1 lesson at a time.
  • If enrolled under this category, RM doesn’t secure the selected time slot for future lessons.
  • To book a casual lesson, you need to register online at and prepay for the lesson online or in-store.
  • Due to the nature of a casual lesson, no make-up lesson or refund can be issued under any circumstances.


Rebel Package

  • The Rebel Package is a 10-week private lesson, for the 4 school terms of the year.
  • The students enrolled with this package will reserve the right to keep the selected time slot during the year.
  • This package must be paid for in full one week before the first lesson of the school term (or invoice due date).
  • However, if the package hasn’t been paid in full by the invoice due date, the package will be cancelled and the time slot will be released to the public.
  • If after the first lesson, the student continues the package, payments received are regarded as a commitment to lessons for the term and refunds or credits are not provided.
  • In the event of a lesson cancellation with adequate notice (20 hours), although the lesson fee remains applicable, a makeup lesson will be automatically created for registration before the end of each term.


Rock Start Membership

  • The membership is a weekly direct debit for a year, which secures the student time slot.
  • All scheduled lessons are subject to payment on the day of the lesson. In the event of a cancellation with adequate notice (20 hours), although the lesson fee remains applicable, a makeup lesson will be automatically created for registration before the end of each term.
  • This membership stops during the school holidays and auto-renew at the beginning of every term.
  • The students are automatically enrolled for the following year unless they give 2 weeks' notice before the beginning of the first lesson of the following year.


Group Lessons

  • All group lessons are subject to a minimum of 2 students to go ahead. Should numbers not meet the required minimum, we may reluctantly need to cancel the particular class.
  • Group lessons must be paid for in full before the first class.
  • No refund, credit or make-up lessons will be provided for any missed classes.
  • Group lessons will always go ahead regardless of absences.
  • Group lessons will go ahead if the regular teacher is away as a substitute teacher will be provided.


Delivery of Lessons

  • All lessons are conducted by qualified teachers in their field of expertise. All staff members have a valid Working With Children (WWC) check.
  • Lessons begin and end promptly at the designated time.
  • Group lessons are performed according to students’ abilities and may change, depending on the student’s program.
  • PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Resonator Music does not conduct lessons on public holidays and lessons scheduled on these days will not occur. If the lesson has been booked and paid by mistake, we will credit the lesson back to your family account.


Change of Teacher

  • RM reserves the right to supply a substitute tutor if the original tutor is unavailable.
  • If there is no supplementary teacher available, we will be credited or reschedule the lesson.
  • All the students can select any available teacher for a make-up lesson.


Credits and Refunds.

  • Multiple casual lessons and packages that are terminated during the school term cannot and are not refunded.
  • Credits or refunds are only given due to tutor or supplementary tutor absence.
  • If the student doesn’t turn up for the lesson, the student will lose any unused time with no make-up option.
  • Failure to submit an absence 20 hours before the lesson, RM won’t give credits, refunds or make-up lessons.


Absences and Make-Up Lessons

  • 20 hours notice is required to submit an absence. It will allow the parent or student to schedule a make-up lesson through their Parent Portal (excluding casual lessons).
  • It is the student/parent responsibility to register the make-up lesson using the Parent Portal.
  • The make-up lessons for absences can be only used during the ongoing term.
  • All the no-scheduled or no-used make-up lessons will expire on the last day of each term, and are not refundable.
  • A $2 administration fee will be effective for every single lesson cancelled by our staff (requested by email or phone). The student/parent is responsible for cancelling their own lessons using the Parent Portal.
  • Letting the teacher know via text, email or phone call won’t make the absence effective.



Attendance and Penalties

  • Only 1 booked lesson can be cancelled twice in a row. If the same lesson is cancelled for the third time or the third week in a row, this lesson will be automatically lost, and no make-up or credit will be given.
  • Being absent for 4 lessons in a row, will automatically cancel the package or membership, and the slot will be released to the public, and the credit won’t be refunded.
  • Warning emails will be sent for unpaid lessons or declined payments. If 2 days after the warning email the payment hasn’t been processed by the parent or student, a late fee of $10 will be applied.
  • If the lesson remains unpaid 24 hours before the next lesson, the service will be suspended (lesson cancelled) until the payment is made.


 Packages Cancellations

  • For new students starting music lessons, the first lesson is considered a paid trial lesson. If the student wishes not to continue in a package, the remaining lessons will be refunded in full.
  • For enrolled students under the Rebel Package or with pre-paid casual lessons, who elected to continue after the first lesson, payments received are regarded as a commitment to lessons for the term and refunds or credits are not provided.
  • The Rockstar Membership is the only option with a non-refundable registration fee. This fee covers the membership cancellation at any time.


Active and Creative Kids Vouchers

  • Creative Kids Vouchers can be submitted in the Enrollment Form (for new students), or by email [email protected] for current students.
  • By submitting your voucher you are agreeing that RM will be using this rebate toward your music lessons.
  • Vouchers cannot be reimbursed if you decide to cease lessons.
  • Once your voucher is successfully submitted to Service NSW the $50 amount will be applied as a credit to your next payment.
  • The Program supports low-to-middle-income families with school-aged children by providing two $50 Vouchers per Eligible School-Aged Child per calendar year, one Voucher in Term 1 and one Voucher in Term 3. Read the voucher program conditions here.


Disclaimer, Behavior and Safe Conduct

  • RM reserves the right to review and implement changes to fees, terms and conditions at any time.
  • The parent/guardian of the child or the adult student authorises Resonator Music & Tuition to use images or recordings of the student in a photo, film and/or audio recording and/or use the student’s work sample for promotional use only.
  • Payment of fees implies your acceptance of Resonator Music's terms and conditions and your agreement to abide by these terms and conditions.
  • RM and the tutors reserve the right to discontinue lessons where student or parent behaviour or attitude is deemed inappropriate, for the willful disruption of classes, the damage of equipment or property, or if the student is sick with COVID-19 or poses a health threat to the teacher.
  • RM provides a safe environment in lessons for all students. However, it is the responsibility of all parents to ensure the supervision and safety of children under the age of 18 years before and after the lessons.